Mediterranean Delights

One indisputable fact about all-day diners at five star hotels serving multiple cuisines is that they are able to host food festivals of all kinds. Keeping this in mind, Seasonal Tastes, the all-day diner at The Westin, Raheja Mindspace, has always had different kinds of food promotions to bring an added dimension to their already vast buffet and brunch spread.

From Vietnamese to Korean, Kerala to Goan – all cuisines find their place of pride on the tables of this restaurant. This time round, with the hot weather in mind, the hotel is holding a Mediterranean food festival. Flags of all the countries from this region have been painted on the glass panes and everywhere you look, from the salads to the mains, the Shawarma counter to the dessert platters, you can see hints of Spain, Greece, Lebanon, Turkey, Italy etc.

We started with the mezze platter that came complete with olives, marinated feta cheese, dips such as hummus, muhammara, tzatiki, lebni; and fatoush – the iceberg lettuce and cucumber salad with lemon dressing. Different pita breads like Sumac pita, sesame zatar pita, khobz, fried pita etc., to give them company made for a refreshing start to a long and delicious meal. This was followed by falafels and empanadas – half moon shaped savoury pies stuffed with mushrooms and goat cheese. These were perfectly complemented by the lebni – the yoghurt, cream and garlic dip. We also sampled the salmon rolls – a delicious combination of smoked salmon rolled in pita bread – a starter that was filling and different.

We skipped the soup but the rotating menu has a different one for each day. The Spanish Paella which was attractively displayed was a colourful medley of prawns, seafood and rice flavoured with tomatoes and spices. Here too, the meats are changed on a daily basis to tweak the paella which is traditionally made with seafood. And though Chef Mukesh Sharma – who is the creator of the entire spread – candidly admitted he couldn’t source the exact type of rice used for paellas,  he had effectively captured all the other flavours of this popular dish.

Desserts too are predominantly Mediterranean with Rewani – a Greek semolina based cake with orange syrup; Baklava – the Lebanese pastry that needs no introduction and Asthalia — milk and rose water pudding with pistachio, coconuts and dates.The promotion is on till the 14th of June at Seasonal Tastes, The Westin, Raheja Mindspace.

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