Sizzling Bites

An unusual festival being held at The Golconda Hotel is the Sizzle-Drizzle — sizzlers that have Indian, Oriental and Continental options instead of just the latter. The drizzle is missing in Hyderabad though it did rain while we were having the sizzlers, the cool breeze and cloudy skies make this a good time for sizzlers.

Chef Pankaj, the creator of the menu of this festival has included options that are Oriental and Indian in nature besides the Continental ones. Now, customarily, sizzlers come with a grilled piece of meat or a bunch of veggies along with accompaniments like noodles or rice or mashed potatoes. Here, besides the rice or noodles you get pairings like Dal Makhni and a naan with the Indian sizzler like the Chowk ki Tikki. Or, the Tulsi Paneer sizzler is accompanied with a portion of veg biryani.

We tried a bit of most of  the veg and non veg variants. Our vote goes to the Tulsi Paneer and the Chowk ki Tikki. Both were full of flavour and the accompanying black dal and butter naan made it quite filling. In the non vegetarian options, the Kasundi Jhinga [prawns] and River Salmon Sizzler were on par with the Barbecue Chicken Drumsticks. Spicy and each with a different dominating flavour, the sizzlers were filling and a meal in themselves. Though this dessert was not part of the sizzler menu, it is one of the specialties of the hotel and worth having — the white onion kheer — a rare combination of white onions cooked in milk and sugar with pistachios. It was the perfect end to a delicious meal.

Reasonably priced from Rs 375 onwards not including taxes, this Sizzler fest is a welcome change from the usual fare one encounters.

The festival is on at Melange, the all day diner of the Golconda Hotel at Masab Tank till the 16th of August.

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