Brunch at Amara

Every time I hear the word brunch, it conjures up images of a long lunch with a good glass of wine or a chilled beer and options from various cuisines. The relaxed ambience and the pace at which one can eat makes for an ideal Sunday.

The Trident Hotel recently launched its Sparkling Sunday Brunch at Amara, the hotel’s all day diner. The restaurant has large glass windows on one side letting in the skylight. So having a meal here is an extremely pleasant experience. The spread itself is vast so for those who like to pick and choose, it can be tricky. With so many options available and each one more tempting than the next, the plethora of dishes ensure you overeat. Not to worry, one obviously skips breakfast and has an early lunch — which is how the concept of brunch came about I suppose.

Just to give you an idea — here are some of the dishes from the starter menu alone: Norwegian smoked salmon; Roast potatoes tossed, walnuts and cream dressing; Charcoal roasted exotic vegetable with sundried tomatoes coulis; Greek salad; Mushroom and chicken roulade; Smoked river salmon and orange salad; Chicken tagliatelle with citrus dressing; Deviled eggs with pineapple;Tomato mozzarella sandwich; Chilled watermelon with Greek feta etc.

There are even the Indian Dhoklas and Khandvis [my favourite snacks courtesy the Gujju side of my family tree]; and sushi — another favourite [no thanks to any part of the family tree]. One could make a meal out of the starters alone. The Smoked Salmon was being prepared at a live counter with several accompanying sauces one could choose from. This dish wins my vote for the must have starter from the entire lot — fresh, succulent and perfectly grilled with a hint of seasoning and I always have the sushi and it is the first item I put on my plate. Coupled with the chilled sparkling wine served, I lingered over the salmon the longest, savouring every bite.

I skipped the appetisers and soups on offer because I wanted to check out the mains and having already examined the dessert spread, there was no way I was going to miss out on the sweet somethings. The main course dishes included Sambar; Jodhpuri dal; Mangodi ki kadhi, Kathal ke kofte, Kurkuri bhindi, Dal-e-Kanak, Dum paneer kali mirch; Hot and sour baby corn and zucchini; Vegetables chow chow cashew nut; Ricotta and Spinach ravioli with gorgonzola sauce; Corn and potato roulade; Roasted vegetables with sun dried tomatoes; Achari murgh; Macher jhol; Chilli con carne; Ricotta and spinach stuffed chicken breast;  Raan-e-Kanak; Har muk koong; Slow cooked pork with mud apple jus; and biryani – because no place in Hyderabad serving a buffet can omit this ubiquitous favourite from its ouvre.

The Ricotta and spinach stuffed chicken breast was flavourful and with the sparkling wine for company, not too heavy on the system either. Others at the table were enjoying the Raan-e-Kanak – a lamb preparation and the Macher Jhol – Bengali style fish curry cooked in mustard. Given that I am a small eater, the starters had filled me up quite a bit. But with this kind of a spread, imagine a real foodie with a big appetite and the justice they could do to the meal.

Desserts included  Linzer torte; Cranberry white chocolate mousse, Pastry Neapolitan (Eggless), Opera pastry, Fresh fruit tart (Eggless), Mango mousse with white chocolate collar; Passion curd and pistachio roulade; Red velvet gateaux;Manjari dark chocolate and caramel mousse; Kaffir lime baked yoghurt (Sugar free, Eggless); Liquorice crème brulee; Spiced panna cotta with citrus chocolate (Eggless); Raspberry pot de crème with homemade granola and cookies. The  Indian desserts were Malai cham cham, Khoya puri and Apple kheer.

I tried the Cranberry white chocolate mousse which was a melt in the mouth delight; the Panna cotta and the Malai cham cham – made from cottage cheese which left me wishing I could have made a meal from all the desserts themselves!

The Sparkling Brunch is priced at Rs 2400 per person exclusive of taxes and there are other spirits on offer too. There are enough and more dishes for vegetarians and the meat eaters have a choice of white and red meats on offer.

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