Taj Svara — An exclusive wine

In existence since 1903, with the iconic Taj Mahal Palace on the shores of Bombay as its first and best known property, the Taj group has had generations of loyal guests from all over the world. So many of their restaurants have been synonymous with good food – impeccably prepared and presented. For those of us who have been going to the Taj in Bombay for decades, there can be none better.

And what came as a pleasant surprise was the information that the Taj group, in association with Fratelli wines, was launching a wine specially created for the hotel. Called Taj Svara – where the word Svara stands for a musical note or tune in Sanskrit – the wine will be available only at the Taj properties.

The word Fratelli means brothers in Italian. The name was coined to reflect the coming together of the Secci brothers Andrea and Alessio from Italy along with the Sekhri brothers – Kapil and Gaurav and the Mohite-Patil brothers, Ranjitsinh and Arjunsinh, says the website of Fratelli wines. The common goal of these siblings was to create world class wines in India using traditional Italian wine making traditions.

The viticultural and wine making expertise has been provided by Piero Masi, a leading name in the world of winemaking. He is well known in Tuscany and is credited with producing some wines that are acclaimed worldwide.

We tasted the wine over a Wine and Steak festival at Alfresco at the Taj Krishna Hotel where the salmon and grilled vegetables as antipasti; the chicken and cottage cheese steaks for the main course were the perfect foil to the Taj Svara wine.

As for the wine itself? Made from grapes grown at the Fratelli wineyards near Sholapur in Maharashtra, it was full bodied and crisp, and had a smooth, smoky finish. Deep red with a hint of purple, the red wine is the first offering in the Taj Svara launch. A few more white and red wines will be added to the collection. Chef Nitin Mathur will surely create dishes that perfectly complement the other wines, knowing his expertise across cuisines.

Like with all other aspects of hospitality, the Taj has struck the right note with its Svara wine.

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