Kanak’s New Menu

The Indian fine dining restaurant at The Trident Hotel is undoubtedly one of the best places in Hyderabad for some glorious Indian food. Predominantly North Indian, the food is rich, delicately flavoured and includes elements from Kashmiri, North West Frontier Province and Hyderabadi cuisines. There is also a smattering of dishes from other parts of the country like West Bengal and South India but the main attractions are the stars of the North.

Some of the old favourites have been retained and we sampled some of the newer additions. The starters include Soya ke Tootak – semolina pastries filled with gently spiced soya bean for the vegetarians; Kashmiri Seekh Gilafi – minced lamb kebabs, marinated Kashmiri style with onion, tomato, saffron and dry ginger; and the Murgh Kalmi Kebab – charcoal grilled chicken marinated in  garlic, pepper and  black cardamoms. The kebabs – all three varieties – had the   spices infused right through each bite. My vote goes to the Kalmi Kebab – cooked to perfection, the combination of spices gave it an unusual flavour.

For the mains, there was Haleem – the traditional stew like dish made during Ramzan. Lamb cooked for hours with wheat and ghee and served with a topping of caramelised onions. In one word – delicious. The Paturi Machhi – Kanak’s ode to West Bengal was a traditional fish preparation, marinated with ground mustard and steamed. Murgh Handi Korma – a chicken curry slow cooked in a traditional nut and spice gravy and Bharwan Amchoori Bhindi – okra filled with a homemade raw mango powder and spice mix and stir fried with onions – followed. Served accompanied with naans of various kinds, each dish stood out because every one of them had tasted different. The fish is a must try especially if you are a seafood lover.

To end the meal, we had the Akhrot aur Badam ka Halwa – a dessert made with almonds and walnuts – and it was the perfect finish to a truly gourmet meal. If you are entertaining guests from out of town who like Indian food, Kanak is the place to go. You can’t go wrong with the choices on offer.

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