Food with a History

India’s culinary heritage is one of the richest in the world, undoubtedly. While some recipes and ingredents may have been lost forever, there are some that have been retrieved or kept alive. One such family, intent on preserving the lost recipes of India is that of Osama Jalali, his mother Nazish and his wife Nazia.… Continue reading Food with a History

A Royal Repast

Celebrating its fifth anniversary, the Taj Falaknuma Palace has held a series of events to commemorate this momentous occasion. From an evening with live jazz music to the launch of The Grill – a new restaurant open on Friday through Sunday for dinner only – at the awe inspiring Coronation Hall,  the management is doing everything in keeping… Continue reading A Royal Repast

Peninsular Thalis

When it comes to a balanced Indian meal, nothing beats the thali. No matter where in India you have one, the medley of dry and gravy based vegetables and chicken/meat/fish dishes, a dash of pickle, curds, papad, along with rotis or puris; and rice and dals, make it a wholesome meal, often available at reasonable prices. The scientifically… Continue reading Peninsular Thalis