Authentic Thai

A meal cooked by a master chef from Thailand is certainly the best way to experience the cuisine of that country, without actually going there. And Amara, the all day diner at The Trident Hotel, Hyderabad, is hosting a promotion that brings authentic Thai food to your plate. And if you, like me, love their spicy, tangy concoctions, then make it a point to visit before the 9th of this month.

som tam

Chef Naphaphak Prompaksa hails from Thailand and has been working at The Oberoi Hotel in Bengaluru for the past few years. In Hyderabad for the promotion, she has cooked some of the best known and popular dishes, and included a few not so common ones in her repertoire. But, all her creations smack of originality and the flavours are so well-synergised, you can savour everything from the lemongrass to the chillies and galangal, and the kaffir lime in every bite. And they don’t overpower the main ingredients either.


For starters, we sampled the Chicken and Prawn Satay, Fish Cakes, and the ever popular Som Tam – the raw papaya salad. The peanut sauce accompanying the Satay had the mix of all its ingredients just right and set off the grilled meats perfectly.  The Som Tam Salad was deliciously spicy, and I could have had just that for starters. But, the Fish Cake, with the ground spices and the fish blending in a perfect symphony gave the raw papaya salad stiff competition in the taste department. Since satays are fairly commonplace, I would suggest going for the salad and the fish cake.

fish cake

The Tom Yum Phak, a fiery and tangy soup, with prawns, basil and other herbs, was extremely well made. Though Hyderabad is a spice and chilli loving city, Chef was asked by her teammates to actually tone down the spice quotient. So though the original might have been even spicier, this version of the soup was hot enough to clear my sinuses. It was perfect for the rainy weather.

tom yum soup

The main dishes which included the Gang Dang — homemade Thai Red Curry with Vegetables and Fish, and the Mushrooms with Black Pepper — were served with jasmine rice. The Mushroom Curry was quite unusual, the fragrance of the Thai herbs blending with the subtle peppery hints, and both curries were good accompaniments to the rice.

curries 1

On the noodle front, veering away from the Pad Thai, we were served the Kra Paw, flat and wide noodles stir fried with spices, basil and vegetables. An interesting dish, but I prefer Pad Thai.

pad thai

Dessert was the evergreen Tub Tim Krob, jellied water chestnut in sweetened coconut milk.

tab tim

Overall, I must say, the flavours of this cuisine, enhanced beautifully by Chef Tam as she is called, make this food promotion a must visit. It is open for lunch and dinner.

The Trident Hotel,
Hitech City, Hyderabad.

For reservations call, 040 6623 2323

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