Independence Day Eve, Revisited

Emerging from the pages of history and the archives of the iconic Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai, is a fine dining promotion that celebrates 70 years of India’s independence from British Rule.

1903-taj-opening (1)
At Encounters, the all-day diner at The Taj Krishna Hotel, here in Hyderabad, Executive Chef Nitin Mathur and his talented team recreated the same dishes that were on the menu served on the eve of India’s independence. Only minor changes were made by adding a starter that is Indian and a vegetarian soup. The menu that evening comprised of French food, however.  The promotion is priced aptly, at Rs 1947 all inclusive for a four course meal and is on from the 10th to the 15th of August. Flagship hotels of the brand across several metros such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad will also be hosting this event.

almond soup

Starting with the soup, the choices were Consommé al indienne (Cardamom enhanced chicken clear soup) or the Veloute d amandes (Creamy Almond Veloute). The latter, the vegetarian addition to the menu, is what I chose to have and it was a creamy concoction with peeled almonds and a hint of parsley.

paneer tikkas

The only major variation to the menu was the starter titled Delicacies à l’Hindustan. The dish served here was three differently flavoured pieces of smoked cottage cheese steak with mint chutney. I liked the Malai Paneer Tikka the best; the tangy and the green marinade ones were good but a bit spicy for my palate.

salmon with feta

The main course options comprised of Paupiette de Saumon joinville (Salmon roulade, soft creamy mash, wilted spinach, turned vegetables and Joinville sauce); Poularde Soufflé independence (Chicken soufflé with steamed vegetables and lemon parsley sauce); Crêpes aux épinards (Stuffed spinach crepes with Makhani gravy) and Champignons vol–au–vents (Truffle and wild mushroom, with Paprika cheese sauce). Guests can choose any one of the options for the mains.
I tried the Salmon Roulade, soft rolls of salmon stuffed with feta cheese; along with the creamy mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables; it was a delicate combination of well grilled salmon and salty cheese . One can only imagine the guests revelling in this fine meal even as they awaited the historic midnight hour. The vegetarian options were equally popular at the table, and the Truffle and wild mushroom vol-au-vents won everyone’s vote as the tastiest of them all.

mushroom crepe

Dessert was Vacherin de peches liberation (Peach infused apricot sorbet); a light cold and not too sweet mix of peaches and apricots, served very attractively in meringue cups with fresh cream.

peach sorbet

Every one of the impeccably presented dishes on the menu were a tribute to our history and for those who like taking a walk down memory lane, this is an unmissable dining experience.

For reservations call: 040 6629 2323.

The image of the ad for the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai is courtesy the website

The black and white image of the Taj Palace hotel is courtesy the website


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