Mad about Mediterranean

The world knows that the Mediterranean diet, with its use of olive oil, fresh meats and vegetables, grilled or baked, and vegetables drizzled with olive oil, is considered one of the healthiest diets there is. If you need proof you only have to look at the glowing skins of people from that region. The Mediterranean region,… Continue reading Mad about Mediterranean

Revisiting a childhood reject – the pumpkin

I wonder if this happens with everyone else too. A vegetable or dish you shunned as a child and threw a tantrum every time it was cooked, becomes one of your favourites when you grow up. Or if not a favourite, at least you eat it without feeling like you are being punished. I can… Continue reading Revisiting a childhood reject – the pumpkin

Never run out of Sambhar powder again

In my first blog I mentioned my Andhra neighbour Susee aunty. Her family and ours have been living next door to each other for over 50 years in Matunga. In the central part of Bombay, Matunga used to be a genteel middle class locality populated predominantly by South Indians and Maharashtrians though it has changed completely now, with… Continue reading Never run out of Sambhar powder again

Cracking the Kerala Fish Curry

Ever since my Mallu friend whom I call Mots, and I started hanging out together from our Sydney days, I got exposed to Kerala cuisine. We lived a few minutes away from each other in Sydney, so cooking happened in either of our apartments. And, since he is fussy and conventional about food though he… Continue reading Cracking the Kerala Fish Curry