Peninsular Thalis

When it comes to a balanced Indian meal, nothing beats the thali. No matter where in India you have one, the medley of dry and gravy based vegetables and chicken/meat/fish dishes, a dash of pickle, curds, papad, along with rotis or puris; and rice and dals, make it a wholesome meal, often available at reasonable prices. The scientifically… Continue reading Peninsular Thalis

Coast to Coast

All iconic restaurants have a fan following that extends beyond the borders of cities and countries. For those of us familiar with Bangalore and the Taj Gateway Hotel there, we know of Karavalli – the hotel’s best known restaurant and a favourite of people who like South Indian food. Well, Karavalli comes to Hyderabad till… Continue reading Coast to Coast

Cracking the Kerala Fish Curry

Ever since my Mallu friend whom I call Mots, and I started hanging out together from our Sydney days, I got exposed to Kerala cuisine. We lived a few minutes away from each other in Sydney, so cooking happened in either of our apartments. And, since he is fussy and conventional about food though he… Continue reading Cracking the Kerala Fish Curry