Reinventing the Appam

There is much to love about Kerala cuisine. And there is one special item that lends itself to multiple versions — the humble appam. A breakfast staple, usually had with a vegetable or chicken stew, it has also morphed into being a lunch or dinner accompaniment that can be had in place of rice or… Continue reading Reinventing the Appam

Highway On My Plate

The tastiest of dishes – from the simple to the complex – can be found in Indian homes; and on the streets of the country. The ubiquitous dhabas or roadside eateries, serve up some interesting food, often reflective of the state they belong to. So a road trip in any state is bound to give… Continue reading Highway On My Plate

Pancakes from Vietnam

  Discovering a hitherto unknown facet of a cuisine one loves is always an exploratory exercise. You get to taste a new dish, you gain some knowledge about a culture different from your own and it leaves you curious enough to want to explore the country some more. In my case, it made me more… Continue reading Pancakes from Vietnam

Peninsular Thalis

When it comes to a balanced Indian meal, nothing beats the thali. No matter where in India you have one, the medley of dry and gravy based vegetables and chicken/meat/fish dishes, a dash of pickle, curds, papad, along with rotis or puris; and rice and dals, make it a wholesome meal, often available at reasonable prices. The scientifically… Continue reading Peninsular Thalis

Good Afternoon Vietnam

With due apologies to the makers of this Robin Williams starrer, a Vietnamese food festival held at Syn, the pan Asian grill and bar at Taj Deccan inspired this header. It was indeed a very good afternoon at lunch the other day because I got to sample some of the most exquisitely flavoured Vietnamese food.… Continue reading Good Afternoon Vietnam